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Mars Rover "Curiosity"

ifw optronics supplies the SiC UV-detectors for the successful NASA Mars mission "Mars Science Laboratory" with the landing-rover "Curiosity". As a part of the rover weather-station (REMS) SiC photodiodes work reliably since over 2000 sols and detect the UV radation on the Mars surface in five different wavelegth ranges.


We used large-area SiC-chips with our standard and custom filters and an assembly technology fitted to the low temperatures. Circular permantent-magnets around the photodiodes prevent increased deposition of the iron contaning mars-dust. The area in the center of the diodes serves as reference for the absolute contamination of the sensors.


Further information:

Technical overview: 

Centro de Astrobiología Madrid

Rover Environmental Monitoring Station (REMS)

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Measurement data of the ifw optronics SiC photodiodes: