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Flame detector


The purpose of the project was the manufacturing of long-term stable sensors with defined optical parameters for extremely harsh environments. The project involved the testing and control of several sensor materials (Si, GaP, GaAsP and SiC) for optical detectors and their use in the area of fire and flame detection as well as combustion-control. Emphasized were especially the UV-range with wavelengths under 400 nm.


After analyzing the specific requirements for the main applications

- fire detection

- flame detection

- combustion control

the available sensor materials were tested regarding their long-term stability, spectral sensitivity, temperature-stability, price and availability. Suitable transimpedance amplifiers and gain stages were chosen to complement the sensors.


After the prototyping-stage a concept for detectors based on SiC and other compound semiconductors took shape. However, the obtained data was not yet enough for specific control of the combustion process by optical evaluation. This led to further development of a sensor array that allowed the use of multiple sensor materials acting as a miniature spectrometer for further data collection.


The developed layout concept for the flame detectors creates the basis for the serial production of these sensors at ifw optronics. Our components serve as a starting point for complete measuring devices from other companies. Further, the detector arrays allow the multi-spectral analysis of the flame development and the improved control over the combustion process, thus leading to a novel market segment.