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Erythema Sensor

The worldwide increase of UV-induced skin diseases (black melanoma) forces a more conscious use of natural and artificial sun radiation for cosmetic and medical use. The absence of suitable sensors in this case creates a problem for both doctors and private persons, but is necessary for effective prevention of sunburn and melanoma.

The erythemal action spectrum (CIE 87, see image above) ist the most reliable fundament for the evaluation of the radiation absorbed by the human skin. Starting from SiC-semiconductor material, a suitable sensor with appropriate wavelength response was created within the Gewi-Project 150/98 “Radiation Sensor for Skin Protection”.

The sensor weighs the incoming radiation cosine corrected and in accordance with the erythemal action spectrum. The suitability of the sensor was confirmed by dermatologists and is used in industrial radiation dosimeters as well as UV-index sensors. It allows  the objective measurement of the biologically active radiation and thus the correlation with UV-induced skin diseases. Further modifications of the sensors were developed for their applications in artificial suns, where the intensity-distribution can vary significantly from the natural distribution and thus requires modifications for a proper reproduction of the erythemal action spectrum.