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SiC Photodiodes in TO-package

SiC-diodes with 2 mm² Chip in TO18-package

SiC-diodes with 2 mm² Chip in TO5-package

Siliconcarbide (SiC) UV-photodiodes offer unique advantages when compared with components based on Si, TiO2, GaN or diamond:

  • Very low dark current (fA-range)
  • Very high UV responsibility in the range of 200 - 400nm (sunblind)
  • Hermetically sealed TO-package
  • Proven outstanding long term stability under high dosis of UV-C-radiation (up to 1000 Wm-2)
  • Excellent temperature stability (temperature coefficient Tk < 0,06%/K), operating temperature up to +150°C
  • Special high - and low temperature versions on request

Other packages, operating temperatures or ccustomized modifications on request.