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SiC Photodiodes

Siliconcarbide (SiC) UV-photodiodes offer compared with components based on Si, TiO2, GaN or diamond unique advantages

  • sunblind: spectral response in range of 200 bis 400nm only
  • proven outstanding long term stability under high dosis of UV-C- radiation (up to 1000 Wm-2)
  • excellent temperature stability (temperature coeffizient Tk < 0,06%/K), operating temperature up to +150°C)
  • offered with radiation-hard and space approved filters for UV-A, UV-B and UV-C.
  • custom filter options with specific low-, high- or band-pass characteristics
  • integrated amplifier option
  • In-house SiC chip production since  2008
  • typical applications of SiC photodiodes: flame control, water disinfection, laser-monitoring and erythema-sensors

Please note that the unique characteristics and high performance of our SiC photodiodes are a result of the UV-proven assembly technology and the consequent development and improvement of our SiC chips. No competitor offers a broader selection of electro optical components based on SiC like ifw optronics. Among more than 100 different types of SiC-components, you will find the best suited solution for your photodiode or sensor application. In case you need further customization of our products, feel free to contact us.