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UV Sensors for Water Disinfection

UV-sensor with 3/4" thread: Stainless
steel housing with quartz diffusor

We offer our Sensors as ready-build modules for water disinfection applications with stainless steel or teflon body. Benefit of over 20 years of experience: We have been OEM manufacturer for water disinfection sensors since 1994 and offer longterm-approved and UV-stable developments with integrated amplifiers.


  • Radiation-hard SiC-sensors, extended wavelength response with GaP sensor on request
  • Selective UV-filters: UV-C or DVGW/ÖNORM-specified
  • Sensor calibration against specified normals with protocol
  • Laser marking option
  • Optional: selectable sensitivities over 4 orders of magnitude


  • Ultra-compact sensor-bodies made from stainless steel or teflon-unibodys with cosine intensity distribution
  • With 3/4" or 1/4" thread
  • Dust and waterproof according to IP68
  • Measuring window is waterproof up to 10 bar
  • Clear quartz window or quartz-diffuser with cosine intensity distribution
  • FDA certified material


  • Analoge voltage output or 4-20 mA current loop output
    UV-sensor with 1/4" thread:
    Teflon/PTFE unibody
  • Low offset voltage enables precise measurements over more than three orders of magnitude
  • Large input voltage range: 4-25 V
  • Integrated ESD and EMF protection

Our advantages:

  • Selection of long term stable materials for sensors, windows, diffusers, filter, electronics and case
  • Everything under one roof: development and assembly  from chip to module

You need customized solutions for your UV-sensor application? Please contact us directly.