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custom detector array


Our repertory includes the precise positioning of detector chips with Si, SiC, GaP and other compound semiconductors for single-, quadrant-, line-  and array configurations.

  • Module development from semiconductor chip to package
  • Combination of detector chips with optical components (filter, gratings and lenses)
  • Integration of detector-electronics and amplifiers into the detector package for minimized noise and interference
  • Integration of peltier-coolers and temperature sensors
  • Wide variety of standard and custom packages: TO-casings, SMD-casings, Ceramic (HTCC, LTCC)
  • Detector materials:

                          SiC:              200-400 nm

                          Si:                200-1100 nm

                          GaP:            200-550 nm

                          InGaAs:       600-2500 nm

                          Ge:               800-1800 nm   

 Besides the  listed Si- and SiC-detectors with integrated amplifier we also producing a large volume of detectors, single photodiodes, quadrant detectors, lines and arrays in special packages. For more information please contact us directly or the distributor responsible for your region.