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ifw optronics part assembly


date of news: 22/11/2017

New JEA photodiode-series with full UV-A range.
Complete UV-A range from 320-400 nm detectable - with several filter options.

The JEA series of SiC photodiodes will be complemented by new members especially for the UV-A range.

At present the only manufacturer worldwide, ifw optronics offers inhouse-developed SiC photodiodes that offer the full UV-A spectrum from 320-400 nm wavelength.

By employing Extended-SiC with 6H crystal structure we are able to realize several UV-A filter options, e.g. for selectivity between 350 and 400 nm.

More Information about our UV-A photodiodes are shown in the datasheet.

date of news: 13/11/2017

date of news: 15/02/2016

UV Sensors for Water Disinfection
Complete UV sensor modules with measurement electronics for water disinfection applications

As a long-term OEM manufacturer of UV-sensors for water disinfection applications, we now offer complete sensor modules (stainless steel or teflon body) to a broader range of customers. The modules are made of long-term approved materials and equipped with reliable measurement electronics. Sensor sensitivity can be custom tailored to the desired application. Find more information on the product page: UV-sensors

date of news: 5/02/2016

JEA series complete
JEA SiC-photodiodes now available in all sizes from 0,05 mm² to 5 mm²

The JEA series of SiC photodiodes - in-house developed by ifw optronics GmbH - is now available in all sizes, ranging from 0,05 mm² up to 5 mm² active area. They exhibit a high UV sensitivity, reliable specs and unsurpassed built-quality "made in Germany". Find all available models in our product search.

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