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ifw optronics part assembly


date of news: 9/04/2019

Job advertisement: Production/Development Engineer (m/w/d)
To expand the team, we are looking for a production/development engineer (m/f/d) for optoelectronics and analog technology.


  • Development, testing and production of optoelectronic components
  • Development and construction of new products with appropriate risk management and adherence to deadline, cost and quality goals
  • Support and advice for customers and prospects
  • Optical and electrical analysis of components and components
  • Independent management of production and development documentation


  • Completed engineering studies or comparable education with additional qualification in the fields of electrical engineering / optoelectronics / semiconductor technology
  • Basics of analog signal processing and experience with simple electronic circuits
  • Technical affinity and manual skill with (fine) tools and soldering iron
  • Knowledge in the field of semiconductor technology as well as in light-electricity conversion
  • Ideally, experience with optical and electrical measuring technology
  • Ready-to-use PC skills, ideally complemented by CAD, optical / electrical simulation and programming skills (LabVIEW, Mathematica, etc.)
  • Responsibility and independent ability to act with vision
  • Constructive teamwork in a productive environment


  • Varied activities in a highly specialized market segment
  • Full-time employment with performance-related remuneration
  • Flexible working hours

Please send your meaningful application by e-mail to by 30.04.2019 stating the code number 03/2019 in a single PDF file (max 12 MB). Please also tell us your earliest possible starting date and salary expectations.

date of news: 5/03/2019

JTIA1 Evaluation board with TIA for SiC and Si photodiodes available
Transimpedance amplifier with built-in voltage regulators for out SiC photodiodes or as all-purpose optical I/V converter

Our evaluation board JTIA1 with multi-stage amplification allows the measurement of photocurrents and their conversion to voltage output between 0 - 5 V. Built in voltage regulators accept a supply voltage between 4,5 V and 24 V. See the datasheet: JTIA1

General description :

The JTIA1 is a general purpose transimpedance amplifier board for photodiode measurements. The input side can either be directly equipped with TO5 or TO18 photdiodes via multi-header or via pin-header for external connections. A transimpedance amplifier provides photocurrent to voltage-output conversion (between 0 - 5 V) on the output side.

Gain Setting / Amplification:

The transimpedance gain can be set between three pre-configured values (10 / 100 / 1.000 MOhm) via jumpers. This corresponds to a photocurrent amplification between 0,1V/µA and 1V/nA. A second-stage amplifier allows for the additional, variable amplification in the range between 1x and 11x  via trim-pot. Custom values for feedback resistor and feedback capacitor can be manufactured or hand-soldered by the customer.

Power Supply:

The JTIA1 is internally regulated and supplied by a single-voltage supply between 6 V and 24 V and provides voltage output beween 0 V and 5 V. For operation with 5 V supplies, the internal voltage regulator can be set to 3,3 V. In this case, the input voltage can be as low as 4,5 V, with the drawback of a decreased output voltage between 0 V and 3,3 V. A negative supply-voltage is generated internally for minimum offset voltage.


date of news: 5/03/2018

New SiC Photodiodes with extended wavelength range
Our new JEA0,1X Photodiodes with "Extended SiC" show responsivity up to 400 nm

Our JEA-series of photodiodes will be joined by photodiodes with "Extended SiC", that allow detection up to around 400 nm.

While regular SiC does not show much responsivity above 360 nm, our "Extended SiC" from 6H-Siliconcarbide extends the wavelength response up to 400 nm.

At present the only manufacturer worldwide, ifw optronics offers inhouse-developed SiC photodiodes that offer the full UV spectrum up to 400 nm wavelength.

More Information about our JEA0,1X photodiodes are shown in the datasheet.

date of news: 3/01/2018

Job advertisement - Employee for the assembly of electronic components
We are looking for an employee (m/f) for the assembly of electronic components


  • Assembly of optoelectronic components and assemblies (bonding, assembly, fine adjustment)
  • Chip bonding, SMD soldering
  • Soldering
  • Microscope-supported work with smallest components
  • Optical and electrical controls


  • Successfully completed vocational training
  • Experience in electronics, fine assembly, industrial assembly or optics
  • Skilled in manual work
  • Practical experience with manual soldering of SMD components


  • Part-time work (20 to 30 hours/week) with possibility of full-time work later-on
  • Performance-linked wages
  • 30 days holiday/year
  • Center close to work in Jena

Please send your application with the usual documents, quoting reference number BE 09/2017, in a single PDF file (max 12 MB) by e-mail to

Please also mention your earliest possible starting date and salary expectations.

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Contact persons

Dr.-Ing. Florian Jakubka
Head of Production & Development

Tel.: +49 3641 204-237
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Dipl-Ing. RĂ¼diger Kappel
Production & Development

Tel.: +49 3641 204-217
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