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ifw optronics main building in Jena

Data Privacy Statement

As of: 25.05.2018

1 Principles

Ifw optronics GmbH (hereinafter referred to as ifw optronics) attaches great importance to data protection. The collection and processing of personal data takes place in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations, in particular the European General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO).

1.1 Name and address of the person responsible

The person responsible in the sense of the basic data protection regulation as well as in the sense of the valid data protection laws and other data protection regulations for the Federal Republic of Germany is:
Günter Köhler Institute for Joining Technology and Materials Testing GmbH
Otto-Schott-Straße 13, 07745 Jena, Germany
Telephone: +49 3641 204-100
Fax: +49 3641 204-110

1.2 Name and address of the data protection officer

The data protection officer of the responsible person is:
Dr. Reiner Nebelung
Günter Köhler Institute for Joining Technology and Materials Testing GmbH
Otto-Schott-Straße 13, 07745 Jena, Germany
Telephone: +49 3641 204-144
Fax: +49 3641 204-110

2 General information about data processing

2.1 Scope of the processing of personal data

The ifw optronics processes personal data only in compliance with the relevant data protection regulations, in particular if the data processing for the provision of our contractual services and the online service is required or required by law. The processing of personal data takes place regularly only with the consent of the respective person. An exception applies to cases in which prior consent can not be obtained for reasons of fact and the processing of the data is permitted by law. For the rest, reference is made to Article 6 (1) GDPR as the legal basis.

2.2 Purpose of data collection, data processing and data use

According to the object of ifw optronics, the main purpose of the work is the production of products and the provision of services primarily in the field of micro and sensor technology and additionally in the field of joining and manufacturing technology, quality assurance and testing in connection with production technology and related methods and techniques; the provision of commercial and technical services as well as the rental and leasing of land and equipment. The data collection, the data processing as well as the data use take place for the purpose of the purpose.

2.3 Description of the groups of persons and data

Partner and customer data, employee data, data from volunteers and data from suppliers if they are necessary to fulfill the purposes mentioned under point 2.2.

2.4 Duration of storage and deletion of data

In general, data is held in accordance with the legal requirements in accordance with commercial and tax law (retention requirements) or for the purposes set out in section 2. Personal data will be deleted or blocked as soon as this period expires or the purpose of the storage is dropped. For the rest, reference is made to Art. 17 (1) GDPR.

2.5 Your rights as a data controller

Under the applicable laws, you have various rights (right to confirm and provide information, right to rectification, right to cancellation, right to restriction of processing, right to data portability, right to object, right to revoke the data protection consent) regarding your personal data. If you would like to assert these rights, please send your request by post or e-mail, clearly identifying your person to the address specified in section 1.1. In addition, you have the right to complain to the regulator.

2.6 Disclosure of data to third parties

Basically, we only use your personal data within our company. In the event that we outsource certain parts of the data processing (order processing), we commit ourselves to use your data only in accordance with the requirements of the data protection laws and to guarantee your rights.

3 Provision of the website and creation of logfiles

3.1 Description and scope of data processing

Each time our website is accessed, our system automatically collects data and information from the computer system of the calling computer. The following data is collected here:
• Type and version of the browser used
• used operating system
• Address of the visited website
• address from which the website was called (referrer URL)
• Host name of the accessing computer
• Time of the server request
• IP address
• transferred amount of data
These data are not to be assigned to any particular person for the ifw optronics. A merge of this data with other data sources is not performed, the data is also deleted after a statistical evaluation. A storage of this data together with other personal data of users does not take place.

3.2 Legal basis for data processing

The legal basis for the temporary storage of data is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f DSGVO.

3.3 Purpose of the data processing

The temporary storage of the IP address by the system is necessary to allow delivery of the website to the computer of the user. To do this, the user's IP address must be kept for the duration of the session. For these purposes, our legitimate interest in the processing of data pursuant to Art. 6 (1) lit. f DSGVO.

3.4 Duration of storage

The data will be deleted as soon as it is no longer necessary for the purpose of its collection. In the case of collecting the data for providing the website, this is the case when the respective session is completed.

3.5 Opposition and removal option

The collection of data for the provision of the website and the storage of the data in log files is essential for the operation of the website. There is consequently no contradiction on the part of the user.

4 Use of cookies

4.1 Description and scope of data processing

Our website uses at several locations so-called cookies. Our cookies are so-called "session cookies" that are technically necessary. Session cookies are small pieces of information that a provider stores in the memory of the visitor's computer. In a session cookie, a randomly generated unique identification number is stored, a so-called session ID. In addition, a cookie contains information about its origin and the retention period. These cookies can not save any other data. An assignment of their personal data to this identification number is not made.

5 e-mail contact

On our website, contact via the provided e-mail address is possible. In this case, the user's personal data transmitted by e-mail will be stored. In this context, there is no disclosure of the data to third parties. The data will be used exclusively to process the request. The e-mails you send will remain with us until you either ask us to delete them, revoke your consent to their storage or the purpose for data storage ceases (eg after the processing of your request has been completed). Mandatory statutory provisions - especially retention periods - remain unaffected.

6 interactive web forms

Insofar as ifw optronics allows you to enter data in a web form, you are voluntarily using the form and disclosing personal data. By submitting the data to us, you consent to the further processing and use of your data by ifw optronics for the performance of its duties in accordance with section 2.2. A purpose of the data collection is to be taken from the respective form.