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  • SiC-photodiodes

No other detector material (e.g. Si, Ti02, GaN or diamond) can offer the unique advantages of ifw's silicon carbide detectors (SiC) in UV-applications

  • intrinsic spectral response is limited to the range of 200 - 400nm and no additional blocking of unwanted visual and IR-range of radiation is necessary
  • proven outstanding long term stability under high dosis of UV-C- radiation (up to 1000Wm-2)
  • excellent temperature stability, (temperature coefficient
    Tk<-0,06%/K), stable long term operation of up to +150°C
  • offered with radiation hard standard space approved filters (optional)
    for narrow bands such as UV-A, UV-B, UV-BC und UV-C
  • offered with integrated electronics/amplifiers (optional)

Please note that the unique characteristics and performance of the SiC-detectors offered here is a result of a combination of the UV-proved assembly technology and the special selection criteria of SiC needed developed by ifw GmbH over many years. There is no competitor, who can offer you such a broad selection of electro optical components based on SiC like ifw. Amongst more than 100 different types of SiC-components, you will find the best suited solution for your application (UV-Photodiode and UV-Sensor).

0,1mm² - SIC-photodiode with integrated UV-C/BC/B-filter in TO18-package more

special assembly for JEA-series
pin combatible assembly of JEA... to former JEC... more

SiC-photodiodes JEA0,1* with integrated filter
JEA0,1* with integrated UV-C/BC/B filter available more

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