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date of news: 19.12.2014
new series of SiC-photodiodes
ifw optronics starts new SiC-photodiode series JEA

The components JEA 0,1xxx (0,1mm²), JEA2xxx (2 mm2) and JEA2C are the first SiC-photodiodes of a new series developed by ifw optronics. SiC-photodiodes with active areas of 1mm2 will follow soon.

These photodiodes show a several times higher efficiency and a larger active area compared to diodes from competitors.

This new standard series is offered parallel to already known products JEC ..., but will replace them soon. The new series will be completed by versions with integrated filters, amplifiers and other active areas continuously.

0,1mm² - SIC-photodiode with integrated UV-C/BC/B-filter in TO18-package more

special assembly for JEA-series
pin combatible assembly of JEA... to former JEC... more

SiC-photodiodes JEA0,1* with integrated filter
JEA0,1* with integrated UV-C/BC/B filter available more