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The SiC-photodiode JEA0,1*-S/ISZ (/files/14F26ABB58D/JEA0%2C1S-filter.0.e.pdf) features compared with products from competitors better field of view (FOV)... more
special assembly for JEA-series
ifw optronics GmbH offers now on request a modified assembly of the new JEA-SiC-photodiodes which... more
SiC-photodiodes JEA0,1* with integrated filter
New JEA0,1 (0,1mm²) SiC-photodiode with integrated UV-C/BC/B filter is available as of now. The component... more
new series of SiC-photodiodes
The components JEA 0,1xxx (/files/14A6128807B/JEA0%2C1_ff.e.0.pdf) (0,1mm²), JEA2xxx (/files/149182B23FE/JEA2_ff.e.0.pdf)(2 mm2) and JEA2C (/files/149CC02E35F/JEA2C.e.0.pdf) are the first... more
SiC-photodiodes on-board of Curiosity
ifw optronics GmbH delivered SiC-photodiodes for the weatherstation REMS on-board of the rover curiosity for... more
first monolithic SiC-quadrant photodiode
with an active area of 4 x 1,25mm2 and a seperation (gap) between the elements... more
SiC-photodetectrors from ifw optronics as replacement for UV10.TE2
ifw optronics offers as replacement for the obselete Components UV10.T2E.10F and UV10.T2E.10L from Perkin Elmer... more

0,1mm² - SIC-photodiode with integrated UV-C/BC/B-filter in TO18-package more

special assembly for JEA-series
pin combatible assembly of JEA... to former JEC... more

SiC-photodiodes JEA0,1* with integrated filter
JEA0,1* with integrated UV-C/BC/B filter available more

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