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date of news: 5/02/2016

JEA series complete
JEA SiC-photodiodes now available in all sizes from 0,05 mm² to 5 mm²

The JEA series of SiC photodiodes - in-house developed by ifw optronics GmbH - is now available in all sizes, ranging from 0,05 mm² up to 5 mm² active area. They exhibit a high UV sensitivity, reliable specs and unsurpassed built-quality "made in Germany". Find all available models in our product search. Available variants include several optical filters, as well as an case-isolated cathode or completely isolated anode and cathode.

date of news: 28/01/2016

New Web Presence
Better looking, more informative - our new website since January the 28th

We are happy to present you our new website. Beside a better product overview, you can check our complete new product search. An improved layout faciliates navigation between the pages. If you have any questions, problems or suggestions, feel free to contact us!

date of news: 9/12/2015

JEA*S TO18 with optical filters
SiC photodiodes in small TO18 package now available with optical filters

The JEA series of SiC photodiodes will be extended with variants in the smaller TO18 package with integrated optical filters. Beside the standard filter options for UV-C, UV-B, UV-BC and erythema we can fit custom filter characteristics. The first version with 0.1 mm² active area is already available: JEA0,1F-S

date of news: 13/08/2015

0,1mm² - SIC-photodiode with integrated UV-C/BC/B-filter in TO18-package

The SiC-photodiode JEA0,1*-S/ISZ features compared with products from competitors better field of view (FOV) and higher response. The -ISZ-version is characterized by isolated assembly of photodiode to package.

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